Newlywed Session with Chloaye + Chris

While we were visiting China and Japan in April, we had the opportunity to shoot a Newlywed Session with Chloaye and Chris at their beautiful Shanghai home. 

Chloaye and Chris celebrated their marriage last summer in Canada's Okanagan Valley with friends and family, however these two lovebirds have lived in Shanghai together for the last 4 years. Chloaye and Chris both moved to China to teach at an International School, and this is where they fell in love (Chloaye is an Art Teacher, and Chris teaches Grade 6 at the same school)! They are finally heading home to Canada this summer, and documenting their life and the home that they have made so cozy in China was a very special opportunity. 

We feel so lucky to have spent the time with them on this beautiful Saturday evening, and we know that Chloaye and Chris will have these photos of their beautiful apartment in the French Concession neighbourhood of Shanghai forever.

Not entirely sure what a Newlywed session is? Well, it's pretty much exactly like an engagement session, only this time around you are that much more comfortable - both taking photos with your partner, and also with us! Newlywed sessions may just be our new favourite thing.