Wedding Photography Cancellation Form

Please consider this letter as an official notice that the below named clients will no longer be needing the photography services contracted through Ben and Mariel Nelms, acting as Note Photography for the event scheduled to occur on the mentioned date below.

Payment responsibilities are according to the terms of the photography contract signed and are guided by the following restrictions based on date of cancellation from said contracted event.

Cancellation Occurred:

On the wedding date...........Final Balance Due (non-refundable)

Anytime before the wedding date..........Remaining Balance Not Due

Under no circumstances will there be a refund of the previously paid retainer from the signing of the contract due to the reservation of the photography date. All cancellations require the use of this form to be considered valid.

Any balance owed to Note Photography will be indicated by copy and receipt of this form from Note Photography after processing.

Client Names *
Client Names
This form must be filled out by the clients who have signed the photography contract with Note Photography.
Wedding Date:
Wedding Date:
Date of Cancellation Notice:
Date of Cancellation Notice:
Agreement *
I agree that I have read the above information and have referenced the previously signed contract between Note Photography and ourselves stating the protocol for cancelled and/or rescheduled events, and that I would like to cancel the photographic coverage by Note Photography on the date above, therefore allowing Note Photography to re-book this date with other clients if possible.